Intelligent Automation:   The Game changer in Technology

Intelligent automation, (IA) or you could call it intelligent process automation, refers to a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation. IA will of course cut costs for companies if robotic software can replace workers who handle repetitive tasks. Instead of humans carrying out each step, intelligent automation replaces each step with an intelligent software robot improving efficiency

PWC, reported the sector where innovation is the driving force, and where are investors looking for the next big wave? In the Game-Changers panel session PWC heard that intelligent automation is the fastest growing software segment, with a market size estimated at close to US $600 billion, and a host of existing or emerging use cases across the financial services landscape.

It is a fact that Financial Service has embraced artificial intelligence for a while. However, there is no substantial interest in using, not only Artificial intelligence, but combining it with the use of robots offered in Intelligent automation. Well, if improving profits and working more efficiently by maximizing performance of people is a goal to achieve, then it will remain a strong area of interest and engagement in the Financial Services industry.